Week 51 of my challenge to release One New Tune A Week for a year.

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Artwork by Josh Elms (www.joshelms.com)

Co-Written and Performed with Dave Giles and Nick Kent



I feel like a
Car that won’t start
Or a Love with no heart
And that heart, it won’t beat
A Sea with no shore
Or a room with no door
Or a flame with no heat

Sitting round drinking some Tea
With a blank page staring at me
What’s the next line?
I don’t care Dave, just as long as it rhymes

I feel like a
Bar with a booze
Or a bomb with n fuse
A flip with no flop
A train with no tracks
It’s like soul without Stax
and the Penny just won’t drop

This coffee’s making me need a wee
With this page as blank as can be
O what's the next line?
You’re running out of time

Nick Dialogue:

The thing is lads, you’re trying too hard
Stop writing with your heads, just use your hearts
I know how tough it can be sometimes
Finding the right couplets, the right rhymes
So here’s some booze,You go and find your muse
And for the goodness sake Dave, put some shoes

So when you’re down on your luck
Just think of that one girl that you really want to…
Yeah, Nick, it's one of them songs
Wine and dine
Trust me, that's fine

If I wanna make Week 52
You know what you gotta do
I’ve gotta finish this song
Nick Kent can’t be wrong
But it’s taking too long
Maybe we just do a fade out?
Cop Outs
Good idea.


released January 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Danny Gruff ONTAW London, UK

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