Week 31: She's Not Coming Home

by Danny Gruff



Week 31 of my challenge to release One New Tune A Week for a year.

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artwork by Josh Elms (www.joshelms.com)


It’s a fine line between
Living and existing
When you’re not in love
With the one
You are kissing
You miss the sparks
You miss those butterflies

You crave an
Unfamiliar touch
From a brand new place
Still it’s not enough
When you miss that sparkle
In your big blue eyes

Though an old flame
Sparks out on sometimes
A new flame
Can shine so bright

Don’t wait up for her
She’s not coming home

You’ve got to
Do what makes you happy
When you feel like
There’s so much weight to carry
Your shoulders ache
From getting by
Too long

You’re scared
To make the wrong decision
You fear that
You’ll never be forgiven
But in your heart of hearts
The choice is made

If an old flame
Should reignite
You shouldn’t
Be scared to try

Don’t wait up for her
She’s not coming home

All this time
I thought I knew
The better part of you
But you proved me wrong
By showing me you were strong


released August 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Danny Gruff ONTAW London, UK

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